Mission Statement

Through sound and movement, O.N.F.Y.A.H., provides the power to heal, to build self esteem, and knowledge of thyself while cultivating the mind through song, dance and drum.

Sponsor A Child

The ultimate goal is to provide the youth with pride, knowledge of thyself  and healing through music and dance.  To continue to be the change we need in the community we  appreciate any and all financial backing from our  community.  Find out how you can make a donation!!

Enroll in Classes

Created by Akinyomi Courtney and Jo'Niece Monk, they combined their passion for the arts and are now  providing a positive outlet for young people in Milwaukee ages 4-18 to experience African culture, history, drumming, and dance throughout the diaspora. Our door is always open!  Children's classes are EVERY WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! Join us!!!

Upcoming Events

Dancing is, by and large, a social activity. With that in mind we are available to perform at community events, schools, various celebrations, weddings and other occasions. Interested in infusing culture into their your event experience? Book your event with us TODAY! 

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© ONFYAH 2016 All Rights Reserved ONFYAH teaches traditional and modern West African dance and drum to youth ages 4 -18. The dance studio in Milwaukee, WI is run by Akinyomi Courtney and Jo'Niece Monk who have over a decade of combined experience teaching drum and dance to children.